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Visalia dog owner files federal lawsuit against city

A Visalia woman says she is doing everything she can to stop her dog from being put down after the city deemed it vicious earlier this year.

Kimberly Stokes has hired a new lawyer and this week, she filed a federal lawsuit against the city.

Her dog Armani has been held at the Visalia Animal Care Center for more than eight months.

In February, two weeks after two of her dogs got out, Stokes attended an administrative hearing that would determine their fate.

Her neighbor claimed Armani knocked him down and bit one of his small dogs and that Mademoiselle, her other dog, bit his other dog.

But Stokes does not believe her dogs hurt her neighbor or his dogs.

The hearing officer released Mademoiselle to Stokes, but deemed Armani vicious, and, citing a previous incident with the same neighbor, ordered him to be euthanized.

But Stokes says that was not an aggressive incident, was never reported, and actually involved her other male dog.

“It was not Armani,” Stokes said. “It was Gianni that went…

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