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“You are a secret that cannot be told.
There is no way anyone can know the secret
except by being close to you.
Now you know why people want to be close to each other.
In the cold and darkness of this universe,
we are attracted by the heat and light of other essences
and the life energy with which they burn.”

Paul Williams from Remember Your Essence

I wrote a version of the following piece in April of 2015 and submitted it to Doni and Joe for publication in my Free Therapy column and at the last minute withdrew and replaced it for reasons I can’t recall. As I wrap up four years of columns here, this seems a fitting, final note to play as I prepare to shift into a new direction with anewscafe. Thanks to all of you, my faithful friends and readers. May you always feel connected to the light and truth that connects us all.

In late August of 1984 I was 28 years young, a new arrival in Redding, California where I knew not a soul and no soul knew me. I was a stranger among…

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