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Take me out to Alt-Right Night at Dodger Stadium

Every Major League Baseball franchise invites fans to games that celebrate various groups — pet owners, Grateful Dead aficionados, the Girl Scouts, veterans, Little Leaguers and more.

Donald Trump’s election raised the profile of another American “tribe.” It’s time for baseball to honor the voters who spoke so loudly last November and who are still supporting the president, as we saw in Charlottesville. It’s time for Alt-Right Night at Dodger Stadium.

President Trump refused to throw out the first ball at the Washington Nationals’ opening game in April. And since his election, he has refused to visit California, which voted overwhelmingly against him. But he’d jump at the chance to toss out the ceremonial first ball at the Dodgers’ Alt-Right Night.

This is how it would go down: Trump will harangue the crowd before the game for 15 minutes from the pitcher’s mound. You can imagine his uplifting message: “I love the Dodgers when they’re…

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