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Poverty and millionaires » MissionLocal

When apartment rents are so high, it can be easy to get jaded about the cost of an apartment. I don’t even blink anymore that a studio could cost $2,000 a month. But the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board, citing a study by the Public Policy Institute at Stanford University …

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Developments in Development: Earth-shaking » MissionLocal

Developments in Development is a “weekly” column recapping real estate, housing, planning, zoning and construction news. With Mexico City still reeling, though working valiantly to recover, from the September 19 earthquake, there’s been no shortage of local what-iffery. And I’m going to join in, because now is as good a …

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SF musician removes York street trees and faces nearly $6,000 in fines » MissionLocal

The owner of a house on York and 25th streets where trees were removed in the days leading up to Sunday’s Fiesta De Las Américas block party will be fined nearly $6,000 for taking the trees down. Rachel Gordon, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Department of Public Works, confirmed …

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