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Struggling to keep the lights on – News – recordnet.com

STOCKTON — When 60-year-old Floria Ford fell behind on her Pacific Gas and Electric Co. payments last year, her debt quickly snowballed.

At one point she owed $1,024. She says the utility agreed to a payment plan to resolve that debt. But she fell behind again, to the point where the power to her north Stockton duplex was disconnected for three days in May.

Ford, a former food service employee who says she can no longer work because of her arthritis, borrowed money from a loan shark to turn the power back on. But she’s still in debt. Until November, she says, she’ll be required to pay $247 a month on top of her regular monthly usage in order to catch up.

That’ll bring her utility costs to more than $300 per month, or about one-third of her income from supplemental Social Security.

She doesn’t know how she’ll pay. But she knows she has to.

“If you don’t pay it you’re just out of service,” she…

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