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Sometimes I Want to Shout ‘I Hate It’

Seven years after my robotic prostate surgery, I’m still coping with climacturia, which is defined as leaking urine during an orgasm. I leak substantial amounts of urine before and during my orgasms.

Using the restroom prior to engaging in sex lessens the volume of urine but won’t prevent leaks.

Recently, my wife and I had a spontaneous sexual encounter — as spontaneous as you can be when it’s necessary to pump up your implant to get an erection.

I neglected to put a towel on our mattress. By the time we were finished, our sheet and blanket were soaked with urine.

Our afterglow consisted of taking the sheet and blanket off the bed, heading downstairs, and placing both items into the washing machine. It was not the afterglow I’d anticipated.

For me, it was an anti-afterglow experience. I was so angry that in my mind’s eye, I was shaking my fist toward the heavens shouting: “I HATE CANCER!

I’m aware that many folks coping with devastating and debilitating effects…

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