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Pace of retail change picks up in Northern California

As in many regions of the U.S., the Northern California retail scene, which has seen gradual changes over the years, could be on the verge of another shakeup.

The acquisition of Whole Foods Market by Amazon will have a lot to do with that shakeup, but as of yet, no one knows for sure how extensive any changes will be, said Larry Brucia, president of the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market board of directors and president, CEO and owner of Burlingame, Calif.-based John Sutti & Associates Inc.

As a designer and builder of supermarkets, John Sutti & Associates stays informed about the retail grocery segment, Brucia said.

“We tend to keep track of things, see trends and see where things are going,” he said.


Pace of change increasing

Brucia has observed a significant uptick in the pace of change in the retail industry, which traditionally has evolved slowly because of the risks involved in investing money in new ideas with tiny profit margins.

“Over the last five…

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