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Outsider comes in: Fiber art by Judith Scott | Art

Judith Scott found her artistic voice late in life. Her fiber sculptures — armatures and objects wrapped in layers and layers of thread and yarn — seem to express a bound spirit possessing innumerable levels of color and nuance. The figures can appear animal, humanoid, extra-terrestrial, or architectural; they can be whimsical, edged in danger, or both. Scott was born in 1943 and lived at home with her fraternal twin sister, Joyce, and their family until she was seven, when she was sent away to an institution. She had Down syndrome and was deaf — though that deafness went unrecognized for 30 years. The sisters had been close before the institutionalization, with Joyce happily filling the role of guide, interpreter, and best friend.

In the 1980s, Joyce gained legal custody of her twin and brought her home. Judith began making art…

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