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Oakland Raiders Players Weigh In On North Bay Fires

The effects of the deadly Northern California wildfires have been felt across the state since they first flared up in the early hours of Monday morning.

From the thousands of people who have been displaced by the historic blazes, to the firefighters and first responders battling to quell the fires, it seems as though people all throughout California have been impacted in some way – big or small – by one of the biggest disasters in state history.

The Oakland Raiders have not been immune to the effects of the fires; albeit it in a miniscule way compared to those who have either lost their homes, or the first responders attempting to limit the catastrophic damage.

With sub-par air quality in the East Bay, the Silver and Black have not only had to change up their practice schedule the past several days, they’ve also limited their time outdoors, cutting practice in general short compared to their usual routine.

And while athletes famously thrive on routine, kicker Giorgio…

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