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Not-so-little act of hate at Stockton’s Little Manila

Next Wednesday, October 18, I’ll be doing a special performance of my one-man show, “Amok Monologues: NPR, Harvard, Death on Mission Street,” at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, CA at 7 p.m. at the Wendell Phillips Center, Room 140. It’s free and it’s open to the public.

I was especially looking forward to the show because Stockton was at one point the epicenter of what I call American Filipinoness in the U.S. and October is, not so coincidentally, Filipino American History month, as designated by the Filipino American National Historical Society.

But now my performance comes in the wake of a little news too.

This week the Little Manila Center in downtown Stockton sustained nearly a thousand dollars in damages when someone ripped up posters of iconic Filipino banners at the center’s store front site.

No big deal?

It’s a very big deal.

Five of six wall size posters were ripped, including wall- sized images of a 1920s local beauty queen; an Army veteran of…

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