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Moving Jesus Center won’t help the homeless

One way of understanding the drive to move the Jesus Center is to understand the current director, Laura Cootsona, and the former director, Bill Such.

Such is a hospitality-oriented Christian and he ran the Jesus Center with hospitality as its mission. Such also ran afoul of downtown business interests, being an advocate for the poor. He was fired. Such was replaced by Cootsona, a conditional giving-type. Also, Cootsona sits on the board of the Downtown Chico Business Association and “coincidentally,” both Cootsona and the DCBA want the Jesus Center out of the downtown.

The Jesus Center has retained Robert Marbut, a right-wing consultant, opposed to the hospitality model. Marbut believes the poor need to be “transformed” in facilities such as his Haven for Hope in Texas. Haven for Hope is a prison-like compound, with a terrible success rate.

Whatever Cootsona says publically, she is under the influence of Marbut. I have no…

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