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Leaving San Francisco for Portland – The Bold Italic

I made the pilgrimage to Portlandia, and I don’t regret it

Illustration Courtesy of Barbara Kalustian

How does Portland sound to you?” In the weeks leading up to my college graduation, that was the question I was asking everyone. I had no job and no promising prospects, but I needed a change. I couldn’t afford to stay in San Francisco, and I certainly wasn’t going to move back to my hometown of Sacramento. In the end, I figured I didn’t have anything holding me back. I transferred my retail job at the time to a location in Portland and had a best friend there who said I could crash on her grandparents’ couch.

When I moved to Portland in the summer of 2015, it was at the height of the great Portlandia pilgrimage, when nearly 41,000 people had the same idea as me. I fit nicely into the flock of California transplants who were looking for a fresh start. Like the way you’re received at most places you move to, I was greeted with the ever-so-sarcastic yet earnestly…

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