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Jeremy Renner’s surprising sideline – CBS News

Actor Jeremy Renner’s success was a long time in the making, as he tells our John Blackstone in a round of Questions-and-Answers: 

In Jeremy Renner’s new movie, “Wind River,” it’s winter in the mountains of Wyoming … and there’s a body found in the snow.

Jeremy Renner in the thriller “Wind River.”

Weinstein Company

Renner plays a man who has a lethal skill, but is still vulnerable. 

“I like that he’s a father and a father dealing with loss,” Renner said. “And that’s something I haven’t played. I know there was a lot of restraint in the character.”

There is little restraint in other characters Renner has played in three movie franchises: a spy in “Mission: Impossible”; a secret agent in “The Bourne Legacy”; and he’s now a fixture in the “Avengers” superhero movies, wielding a bow and arrow as Hawkeye.

“Don’t get me wrong; I considered, like, ‘Oh, am I gonna have enough energy to do this?'” he laughed….

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