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Fires kill couple married for 75 years, leave 250+ missing

The couple’s children marveled at their parents’ longevity, both in life and in marriage.

“We often talked among ourselves about how either one of them would deal with life without the other,” Mike Rippey told KPIX. “Especially my father. He loved my mother.”

In many areas, the smoke is thick and the sky is orange. And the families of more than 500 people are still searching for their missing loved ones.

Here’s what we know about some of the victims and those still missing:

The victims lost

Charles and Sara Rippey

The Rippeys’ love affair started early — Charles was in the sixth grade, and Sara was in the fourth grade, their son Mike said.

After Charles went to fight in World War II, he returned and had five children with his beloved, Mike Rippey told KPIX. They recently celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.

Mike Rippey said he believes his father died trying to save his mother. Charles Rippey’s body was found in the charred remains of the hallway just outside where his wife…

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