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Chico councilor shows courage on city benefits

We hope Chico Vice Mayor Reanette Fillmer has thawed out after the icy reception she got at the City Council meeting last week.

Fillmer, looking out for taxpayers, dared to bring up the Cadillac health plans the city gives to its hundreds of employees and retirees. She wondered aloud if the city, which constantly cries broke, could save money by switching to less generous insurance plans.

One would hope a fiscally conservative council would jump in and at least contribute to the conversation. Instead, it was a soliloquy. Her fellow councilors kept silent.

That’s cowardice of the highest order. Councilors in the past few years have been counting every nickel and cutting vital services. There’s no excuse not to look at salaries and benefits of city employees, maybe free up some money for things like roads and parks.

Potentially upsetting city employees, though, makes it tougher to get re-elected, so many elected officials are…

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