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Everything Google Assistant can do on the Pixel


Baked into Google’s flagship Pixel phone (and its larger counterpart, the Pixel XL) is a central AI feature called Google Assistant. Polite and oftentimes charming, Assistant uses Google’s vast database to help users with tasks such as penciling in a lunch date into your calendar, reminding you about your laundry …

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Google Assistant can share your personal info in Allo chats


To use it, you just type “@google,” and then tap the assistant when it pops up. You can then ask for a meeting date or airline reservation, for instance, and it will privately show you any of the information that it can find. From there, you can tap “share now” …

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Disney and Google ditch YouTube star PewDiePie after anti-Semitic videos – VICE News


Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a 27-year-old Swedish man who last year earned $15 million from YouTube videos of himself playing and talking about video games. But as of Monday night, Kjellberg had started to lose major business partners after he posted a series of videos that included Holocaust jokes and Nazi …

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Sasikala effect: Golden Bay resort ratings pulled down on Google : News, News


There’s been a growing interest in a certain Golden Bay resort, a luxury resort near Chennai that offers water-skiing and massages, and a great deal of privacy, in the last one week. The Golden Bay resort – which has been home to over 100 AIADMK lawmakers, including one Sasikala or …

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Google, Facebook tell government they take ‘fake news’ seriously


Executives have told a parliamentary committee that they are committed to ensuring freedom of expression online. They want to avoid becoming the Internet “arbiters of truth.”  (Dreamstime)   OTTAWA—Executives from Google and Facebook told a parliamentary committee Tuesday they’re concerned about “fake news” online, but pushed back at the suggestion their companies …

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Google Executive Says The Fight Against Fake News Is On


Philipp Schindler, Chief Business Officer at Google said that the Mountain View-based tech giant started fighting fake news using all tools at its disposal. While speaking at Code Media conference in Dana Point, California on Tuesday, the company’s top executive said that Google is taking the issue of fake …

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Android 7.0 Nougat UPDATE – Google accidentally rolled-out a brilliant new feature | Tech | Life & Style


GOOGLE • GETTY Google has inadvertently pushed-out a new update to its 7.0 Android software It’s very likely that Android users will begin to see Google Assistant start to pop-up on new devices beyond Google’s own Pixel and Pixel XL. And the change could be coming much sooner than previously …

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Google asked to blacklist a million ‘pirate’ websites, but they include White House, NASA


One million websites have now been affected by copyright takedown requests to Google. Image: Google Transparency Report Google is flooded with requests to purge its index of alleged copyright-infringing links. Last year alone rights holders asked it to remove just over one billion links. In the vast majority of cases …

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Google claims ‘massive’ Stagefright Android bug had ‘sod all effect’ • The Register


And hackers didn’t have much luck either with other flaws in the mobe OS Senior Googler … Adrian Ludwig at this year’s RSA conference RSA USA Despite shrill wailings by computer security experts over vulnerabilities in Android, Google claims very, very few of people have ever suffered at the hands …

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