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BlackBerry KeyOne specs vs. HTC U Ultra, Google Pixel, iPhone 7


This April, the BlackBerry KeyOne will come into the market as a high-end phone — the first with both Android 7.1 Nougat software and a QWERTY keyboard. But when it does, it’ll face staunch competition from a bevy of Android phones that have large touchscreens and premium hardware, from all-metal …

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Google’s Project Ara Was Going to Offer a Tardigrade Aquarium Module


Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone was a weird concept that didn’t make it to market. The idea was to give users the option to change out custom modules for upgrades and odd individual features. A new report reveals that one of the most unusual modules would’ve featured a personal tardigrade …

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Google Responds to Reports of Unexpected Account Sign-Outs


Google has responded to multiple reports of users being unexpectedly logged out of their Google accounts, in order to assuage fears that the logouts were security related. The unexpected sign-outs began on Thursday night and continued through Friday, affecting multiple services including Gmail, Chromecast, YouTube, and Google Play. During …

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Ida Lewis Google Doodle marks 175th birthday of ‘America’s Bravest Woman’


Today’s Google doodle marks the 175th birthday of Ida Lewis, a lighthouse keeper once hailed as “America’s Bravest Woman” for the numerous lives she saved from drowning. As the owner of the Lime Rock Lighthouse in Rhode Island, Google says Idawalley Zorada Lewis made her first save at the age …

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Google’s Waymo Sues Uber Over Lidar Self-Driving Car Technology


The biggest challenge in building an autonomous vehicle is giving the car the ability to see the world. It requires a thorough understanding of lidar, the radar-like system of lasers that creates the digital map each car needs to navigate the world safely and competently. Mastering lidar is essential to the technological …

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Google rolls out AI tool Perspective to combat online trolls


Paris: Google said it will begin offering media groups an artificial intelligence tool designed to stamp out incendiary comments on their websites. The programming tool, called Perspective, aims to assist editors trying to moderate discussions by filtering out abusive “troll” comments, which Google says can stymie smart online discussions. “Seventy-two …

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Google Discovers Massive Leak, Prompts Password Concerns « CBS Miami


Follow CBSMIAMI.COM: Facebook | Twitter MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Google has uncovered a leak that may have exposed passwords and other sensitive information from major companies like Uber and Fitbit. The company Cloudflare which provides web service to millions of websites encountered a bug that accidentally leaked information for months. The company’s Founder & …

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Remains of the Day: Google Spaces to Be Shut Down – Lifehacker


Lifehacker Remains of the Day: Google Spaces to Be Shut DownLifehackerGoogle Spaces was sort of a messaging app crossed with a collaboration tool that launched last year and emphasized group conversations around specific topics. Spaces will switch to read-only mode starting April 17th, in the grand Google tradition of …Google is …

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Google to Kill Its Spaces Group Messaging App


Google is saying goodbye to one of its many messaging apps. The search giant said Friday on a technical support page that it would shut down its Spaces app on Apr.17. Google debuted the app in May and pitched it as an easy way for people to conduct multiple online …

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Google fights online trolls with new tool – The Denver Post


By Elizabeth Dwoskin, The Washington Post The Internet can be an ugly place – one where the mere act of expressing an opinion can result in a barrage of name-calling, harassment and sometimes threats of violence. Nearly half of U.S. Internet users say they have experienced such intimidation; a third …

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