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A street named ‘Inspire’? – Air Quality Matters

If main drag Blackstone Avenue is variously known as Fresno, California’s “boulevard of dreams,” once the Fulton Corridor for six blocks between Tuolumne and Inyo streets reopens as Fulton Street, will it become variously known as the street named “Inspire”?

For you see, on Oct. 21, 2017, on this section of the road for more than half a century which was the Fulton Mall, is, interestingly enough, going to become a full-fledged street again. Since its completion in 1964 as the Fulton Mall, it was turned into an outdoor pedestrian venue replete with promenade lined on both sides by storefronts, above many of which were offices in high-rise office buildings; probably the best example of mixed-use development this side of the Sierra Nevada in the San Joaquin Valley at that time. This was all accompanied by and accented with hundreds of shade trees, fountains, sculptures and a thoroughly modern-looking – for its time – clock tower – the mall’s main focal point or…

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